I fell apart but got back up again.

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I wish I could give you an explanation for the
heaviness inside your hollow bones. I cannot
explain to you why your rib cage is as empty
as the inside of a cello. But I know if anyone
can make music out of the sadness, it is you.

I wish I could tell you that the reason why
you can’t stop shaking is because you were
born on a fault line.

Maybe your body is shaking because
the plates of your soul are trying to
create new land forms. Maybe your
soul is creating a volcano inside your
chest so that all the pain inside you
can be purged out through lava.

Maybe you’re a mermaid and that’s
why you can’t breathe right now.
Maybe your lungs are part fish
and that’s why the air just isn’t going in.

Maybe this isn’t the life that your soul
will be happy in. Maybe it’s not your
time right now. Maybe it’s not the right
universe. But you are here
and you are alive.

Lie on the ground and feel the
earth move beneath you. Know
that she is shaking too. Sometimes
I forget that my heart is beating
until I lie perfectly still.

Know that the there are things living
beneath you, beside you, above you,
and surrounding you. You hurt because
you are growing as much as they are.

These are growing pains.
Your plates are fusing.
Your soul is growing wings.

12:33 p.m. (Growing pains)

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